Community Partners of South Florida

Community Partners

Project Description: The CPSFL SOFI Program provides coordinated, wraparound services to eligible households residing in the ZIP codes 33407 and 33404.  This program is housed within the Prosperity Center Program where we focus on financial literacy, financial coaching and asset building/management.  The SOFI Initiative fits well within our long-term goals of creating opportunities for economic advancement as we focus on employment opportunities, self-employment and business entrepreneurship.

Eligibility Criteria:  To be eligible, participants must reside in ZIP Codes 33407 and 33404. Eligible households are families with children aged 0-18 years old and who earn 200 percent of the Federal Income Limits (FPL) with emphasis on 100 percent poverty level.

Services:  Our coordinated services include 10-15 hours of group education that occur on a monthly basis, depending on the length of the training and your individual action plan.  Group education trainings include both soft skills and technical skills ranging from dress code for an interview, civic engagement, mindset and communication to financial literacy, resume writing and interviewing skills, and office skills based the action plan and your needs. Each client who has completed a minimum of 10 hours will receive a certificate of completion. Trainings will be held virtually for the first 3 months and later re-evaluated to see if we can host face to face sessions.  We are offering case management and coaching for all individuals enrolled in our program.   Case managers will work with employers and businesses, systems partners and other program partners to identify employment opportunities and make referrals.

Additionally, participants may be eligible to participate in our matched savings program, consisting of emergency savings or asset building.  For emergency savings, we will match up to $600 and for asset building including education, we will match up to $1,000 on a 1:1 ratio, depending when participants join the savings program.

Participants are expected to participate in group training and develop an action plan to achieve economic sustainability and increase their ability to save.