Pathways to Prosperity

Pathways to Prosperity

Established in 2009, Pathways to Prosperity is a non-profit organization based in Boynton Beach, FL.

We are dedicated to strengthen communities across Palm Beach County by improving outcomes for children and families through education and social services. It is our mission, through our holistic approach, to have a positive, meaningful and empowering impact in the lives of children, parents and entire families in the communities we serve.

Our goal is to ensure that our families have what they require to not only survive, but thrive. We offer a wide array of parenting and family education programs and social services to give parents the tools that they need to make sure their children grow up healthy, safe and strong.


We offer a range of programs to uplift individuals and families out of economic hardship through education, parenting support, food assistance, healthcare, and other social services. Our programs help hundreds of people every year reach their goals of financial self-sufficiency and independence.

Circles Palm Beach County® is a community-driven solution that addresses the underlying causes of poverty and supports families in a holistic, long-term pathway to economic stability.

This national movement reinforces the belief that every member of the community has gifts and strengths to share with one another. It offers participants, referred to as Circle Leaders, the opportunity to identify their own strengths in order to improve their lives and to help build the community around them.
Participants are eligible if their household income is 150 percent or less of the federal poverty guidelines and must reside in Palm Beach County. Successful participants are those who are motivated to become economically stable and are dedicated to the Circles USA model.

Circle Leaders (Participants) are expected to be a part of Circles for a minimum of 12-18 months. Initially participants attend a 18-week training where they establish their goals and future plans and learn new tools to reach economic stability.

Upon class completion, participants are each matched with trained volunteers called Allies. Regular weekly meetings begin where the meetings are centered around Circle Leaders and Allies discussing goals and concerns.

BRIDGES at Boynton Beach is a community hub concept developed by the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County [] to meet the daily and long-term needs of local families. The ultimate goal is to ensure that children are: 1) Born healthy, 2) Growing up safe and 3) Ready to learn when they enter school.

There are 10 neighborhood BRIDGES across Palm Beach County they offer tons of free services, like:

  • Tips and workshops for Parents
  • Healthy ways to help your child grow and learn
  • Help finding community resources
  • Use of lending libraries and business centers (computer, fax, etc.)
  • And much more...

Most importantly, BRIDGES offer a welcoming place families can come to share news, have fun together and make lifelong friends.

Healthier Boynton Beach is a community-driven initiative to inspire, support and improve the lives of caregivers in the heart of the Boynton Beach community.
Local leaders and residents in the Boynton Beach community have identified family caregiving as the critical health issue in our area and are collaborating with Palm Healthcare Foundation [], utilizing the committed funds, to create lasting, impactful change.

Health And Wellness Services Pathways to Prosperity has a certified application counselor to assist you with filling out a health care application and qualifying for medical care.

We also offer direct-service referrals to Genesis Community Health [] for your health care needs.

Genesis Community Health was formed in response to a community needs assessment that identified Boynton Beach as an area of need and a severe lack of access to primary care. Their mission is to promote and provide health care with special sensitivity to the needs of economically disadvantaged people of diverse cultural backgrounds in and around Palm Beach County.

Reduced bus passes for qualifying individuals, as part of our mission to help those in need. Reduced fares on local bus routes are available to qualifying individuals. We offer Reduced Bus Passes in collaboration with Palm Tran Connection []. Eligibility requirements are contingent on income and family size.